We are your very own listener, cheerleader, college list builder, and option provider.

We are good listeners and will take the time to get to know you. Colleges consider everything, and we want them to know just how awesome you are.


Colleges want kids who will be successful and make an impact. Maybe you can solve a Rubik’s cube with your toes or sink a basketball from mid-court, or maybe you’re just a normal, great kid. Whatever your “hook” happens to be, we need to make sure that colleges know about it. We help you roll these things into one excellent application.


We are strategic because you matter.

AdmissionSmarts values your unique personality, aspirations, talent, and experiences. We use these as our guiding principles for providing strategic, individualized guidance through every step of the process. Using a knowledgeable approach, we will strive to provide you with the best affordable college choices. Our commitment to understanding college trends, missions, and cultures enables us to guide you in a very personal way.

We want colleges to know how absolutely awesome you are.

Colleges want kids that will make an impact. Ask yourself: What do I have to contribute? How will I make a difference? Your application must answer these questions. We help you, so you can let your unique interests, talents, and experiences shine. We show you how to find your own combination of expertise, leadership, and service that is uniquely tied to your story.


This is your future: We want to get it right.

Maybe you are looking for a comprehensive approach; or maybe you need a second set of eyes on your essays. We have options that deliver help remarkably fast and provide advice you can trust. You can start by using our Resume Builder as early as freshman year to keep track of your awesomeness. Our strategic input and fast answers will keep you on track and make you the most competitive applicant you can possibly be.